We now have a permit to build the house we just bought.  What a relief!  Not that there was ever any real need to worry, but I did anyway.  Things are on track. We bought a generator from Amazon, hydronic radiant floor supplies from, miscellaneous from Harbor Freight, Home Depot and Costco.  We are … Continue reading Progress


Building this little round house in the woods is risky business.  Running out of money, overbuilding, water scarcity, a dog rolling in cactus are all possibilities.  These things are mostly manageable for us either through planning and by acceptance.  Where there is high risk there is high reward.  The risk of personal injury to our family … Continue reading Risk


Today I sent a big chunk of cash to the yurt company to begin production on our house.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to embark on this project.  We've been saving for a long time. The kit will be delivered by May 30.  We should begin assembly around June 13.  Josh has … Continue reading Committed