Fall 2017: Ready for Winter

The house is officially ready to endure the winter.  Josh and Carol (my mom) were down last weekend finishing the trim and getting a coat of water seal on the house.


Carol got a hideous wasp went down her shirt and stung her like crazy.  Ouch.  There are quite a few wasps hiding along the trim.  They like it there because it’s warm, but they are dying off for the season.  I really don’t want to spray for insects down here.


The front door came out beautifully even though it was damaged by the summer rains.


We don’t usually get a lot of snow down here.  At least, I don’t think we do.  Which is what I thought about rain until it bore down on us this summer.  The wind blows, making it pretty cold.  It should be warm inside with all the heat from the sun captured through the big front windows.  I need to get an indoor/outdoor thermometer installed, preferably one that could record its data.  For that we must have electricity.


The plan for next year is to get the PV system, septic, cistern, some framing and plumbing rough-in.  This depends on a budget we haven’t figured out yet.

We may need to get landscaping done sooner rather than later.  Notice the eroding hill in front of the house.  The current plan is to let the ground settle for a year or two, then build the retaining walls.


The house looks pretty small from down at the road.  The dark green roof blends right in with the trees, which is exactly what we were going for.


So, yeah wow we did it.  Bring it on, winter!  Copper Mountain anyone?

My next post will be a series of shots of the house from June until now.

3 thoughts on “Fall 2017: Ready for Winter

  1. What an incredible job you all did. Your home is so lovely…the door looks amazing! Although it’s a work in process you’ve come so far so quickly. The site is amazing too. Can’t wait to hear all about your continued progress next year. Love, Diane


  2. Simply amazing! I’m a member of your environmental science class. I love what you have accomplished, the home is too much! I’m a part time carpenter myself and it has lead to so many wonderful things in my life. I am impressed and inspired by what you have done!


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