Summer 2018

We accomplished a lot on the house during the summer of 2018.  I intended to post more as projects were completed but the fact is it’s early October now and I’m finally getting to it.

The first big effort was to get our septic system and cistern in place with pipes to the house.  This was also the first big oops as the backhoe operator dug a bit to close to the house and snapped the sewer pipe right off!  Luckily we have a very responsive plumber down in the area who was able to come out and fix it within a week.  We were very concerned that we’d have to dig up the concrete inside the house to make it right…which would have been quite disastrous.

For a hefty fee, the pipes were repaired and the dirt work continued.

A sewer line is a practical addition to any home.

And a place to put fresh water and a means to carry it into the house, these things are good.  These systems were inspected and backfilled with little drama.

Work progressed on the ceiling.  Only a few more rows to go now.  The big interior work was getting the framing and loft in place.  With some help from local builders, a delivery truck, and a fire line that stayed well away from us we got some rooms.

Once there were walls we had a place to put plumbing.

At this point I can almost hear the toilet flushing, but really the next thing to accomplish is to get some electricity up in here.  A water pump and pressurization tank won’t run without it and the cistern is not installed high enough to rely on gravity.

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