Sometime in the last month someone broke into our unattended home in progress.  This person smashed a window by throwing a pan through of snow through it, then used a pipe to clear away the glass so he wouldn’t cut himself as he crawled through the window.

He then left through the front door, taking the miter saw on its wheeled platform.  He used our wheelbarrow to cart away all the other hand tools and pneumatic attachments.  He took all the saws, levels and boxes of screws and nails.  He took the Dewalt drill that was a wedding gift twenty years ago.


The area has experience several such break ins according the sheriffs.  The guy who did it may even be in jail at this moment but we’ll never know for sure.  We imagine he’s a strung-out meth head looking for anything to trade for his next fix.  I hope he gets well, finds treatment, makes amends to all the people he’s hurt in life and never does this again.  Josh hopes he breaks his leg in the forest and cannot escape the wild animals coming to slowly eat his face and guts away until he dies in horrible agony.  Yin and yang my husband and I.

As bad as this sucks, we really got lucky the guy did not have maximum vandalism in mind.  The tools can be replaced over time as we need them.  We had a lot of happy moments with this saw.

It’s time to get serious about finishing this place.  A full-fledged security system is a ways off, but if this happens again we’ll have some things in place that will hopefully give us a photo or two of the thief.  This event is a wakeup call for us that we need to prioritize the house or we stand to lose our investment.  The sooner we get the treasured certificate of occupancy the sooner we can get regular insurance.

People can be awful.

2 thoughts on “Burglarized

  1. Damn! I’m with Josh on this one! When we got burglarized 20 years ago they took my jewelry and CDs (complete Frank Zappa!) I would be beside myself if they took my tools! You had such nice tools. Is it possible for the cops to look for specific tools in local pawn shops?


    • Unfortunately we don’t have purchase records and serial numbers and our name was not etched into anything. So even if the cops find the guy sitting on everything they won’t be able to know it’s ours.


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