Spring 2020 Three Years In

We are now three years into this project and things are coming along well in spite of a few setbacks.  In the midst of a global pandemic and lockdown, having the house and property to work on is a welcome escape.


We’ve recently finished hanging all the drywall except for a spall spot on the ceiling in the bathroom.  There are some very tricky angles and shapes in this round house.  The electricians were out as well and almost all the wiring is in place and the lights are on.  The only thing left is to wire in a switch on the non-existent staircase landing and to finish installing fixtures once we have the ceiling under the loft sanded and painted.

The next big project is getting all the seams in the drywall mudded and sanded; this will be a big job made a little harder by the fact that none of us are expert drywall installers!  Some dry sanding will be necessary which requires wearing a really good mask to avoid breathing in all that fine dust, but a good mask is hard to find in these days of the nasty coronavirus.

Of course there are other big jobs in progress too.  The domestic hot water and heating system will be installed soon.  The interior gas line was “blue tagged” by the inspector last summer and soon we will get a propane tank delivered and Josh gets to spend another fun couple of days with a trenching machine to run the line.  We have yet to decide if it’s better to rent or buy the propane tank, but I’m leaning towards rental at $50/year rather than a $1500 purchase even though we’d have to give up flexibility in which company fills the 500 gallon tank.


Gas line with meter on exterior wall


We’ll order and install the spiral staircase soon, but first we need to figure out how to finish the edge of the wall just below the loft.  I wrote a separate post for that so it will be easier to share with some pros at a sawmill who may be able to customize the pieces that we need.

Here’s a few clips of video strewn together that give a good picture of everything in the house.  Forgive the lack of formatting and soundtrack; turn on your own tunes if you get bored watching it!

And here’s a video of the beautiful landscape surrounding the house.

One thought on “Spring 2020 Three Years In

  1. Great vids! You’ve taken more pix of my work than I have! The house is coming along nicely and the scenery is gawgeous, Dahlink!
    Luv, YoMaMa


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